DM Shapewear - Black Waist trainer

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Black Waist trainer.  Colombian waist trainer.  Natural latex molds the waist controlling love handles and excessive abdomen fat while enhancing the shape and correcting the posture

Wearing a comfortable waist trainer and daily use of it helps with back
support, posture and keeps your midsection flat.

Our luxury waist trainers are the best in the market.  They’re dual-layered with a latex exterior and breathable cotton interior to give you the best in all-day control and comfort. Dominican Mulatto's unique "control line" technology allow for the best construction while also flexing with your body so you can comfortably move. 


  • Premium-quality Colombian shapewear gives you authentic waist training results
  • Long-torso design for maximum training and control
  • 3 hook-and-eye closure rows to allow you to adjust as your waistline slims down
  • Full-latex exterior to give you a tight and even squeeze
  • Breathable cotton interior to keep you comfortable all day
  • Maximum comfort combined with maximum quality equal the best experience


  • 100% Made in Colombia
  • 100% Latex   Forro  93% Algodon   7%  Elastano

Consistent use will enable you to instantly lose up to 3 sizes off your waist as soon as you secure the trainer. ’ll lose up to 4-inches off your waist.