L-Evate Training Waist Pulse Belt

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L-Evate Training Waist Pulse Belt is EMS black technology a major breakthrough in beauty and health

industry. It is composed of host (EMS power box) and belts. To establishing a

Bluetooth connection with APP, switch on ems power box,simulate the brain wave

signal to transfer medium frequency impulse current to muscle groups, it directly act

on waist or abdomen, the impulses cause the muscles to contract,stimulating a natural

contraction stimulated by the brain;Implant different patterns electric pulses system

into waist parts, excellent result for deep massage, boosts circulation and

metabolism,relieve lumbar muscle strain,back pain and soreness of waist.And

therefore a 20 minutes session with our EMS technology equates to activate waist

training of over 3 hours.


  • Act on abdomen, tighten the abdomen,burn fat and reduce cellulite.
  • can be used for conditioning and strengthening of the targeting muscle groups

  • solve problems such as Soreness of waist, back pain, lumbar muscle strain,lumbar disc herniation and relieve lumbar muscle fatigue.